I have recently studied for and passed the “Cloud Practitioner” certification. Welcome to a series of documents that helped me achieve this goal.

I still highly recommend doing the full course on AWS’s page, following the videos and tutorials, but in this guide we will be adding more data from other sources and services.

Module 1: Introduction to AWS

A client can be a web browser or desktop application that a person interacts with to make requests to computer servers. A server can be services such as Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), a type of virtual server.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing is the on-demand delivery of…

A few years ago I heard about a new open source mobile technology being developed by Google but I didn’t pay enough attention to it then because I wasn’t <and wasn’t going to be> involved in the development of a mobile app.

Some months later, I heard about it again but I also heard that it is not only for mobile development, as it will also be able to be used for Web and Desktop too, and THAT caught my attention.

Flutter is “Google’s UI toolkit” <or just framework> which uses Dart as code language, has an engine written mostly…

Hello .Net world!

This is a small tutorial on how to create an ASP.NET application and then build it and run it using Docker. We will check all the advantages of using these two technologies together and why you should learn how to use them.

A few introductory concepts

What is ASP.NET?

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I am a software engineer whose goal is to grow academically and as a person.

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